Overall it has been a very busy simester with animation project work, the interdisiplinery work, 3D animation and also the blogs.  I personally have not enjoyed the blogs as much as I thought I would when they it was first announced to the year that this was our lecture project.  The lectures were very good, informal and very interesting, but the problem with the blogs is there was never enough choice on how it would turn out. I think people should of had a choice on how to get there thoughts on the lecture across to other people.  By choice I mean people could have made a sketchbook or written an essay on the lectures as a whole, not just the blogs, though I understand it is for other people to see also.  A lot of people in my class and in other departments have felt the same.  However the blogs have helped me look into some interesting fields of artwork and animation and so i would give it credit for that, but I believe that there should be more variety in the way you can present your notes to the teachers.

Overall the blog has been useful in that I have had to reasearch further into a certain subject to recover additional information to add to my posts but att he same time I could have done that with a sketchbook also and would have enjoyed that much more.