John Tenniel was born in London, 28th of February 1820 who became a famous British illustrator.  John is best known for working with England’s ‘Punch’ political magazine as the cartoonist and for the illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Through the Looking Glass’.

John’s illustrations of the novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ were the first drawings of which would help readers see the world in which Lewis Carroll had created, not just read it.  These are basic pencil drawings and sketches but the amount of detail that went into them was truly amazing, detail in the clothes and each character is amazing, coming from this fantasy world. This inspired many other books to include pictures to help further the book’s story and pull the reader in.  Books and illustrations have been aparant hundreds of years before then with the bible and other holy texts from monks and atrists.  This is why illustration is a very important as it has been linked with some of the most important texts in history.

In conclusion John Tenniel’s illustrations have inspired generations and Alice in Wonderland is still remembered to this day.  People base John’s drawings in many animations and illustrations to this very day.