When this piece of art was mentioned in the illustration lecture it caught my attention. The Apocalypse depicts the ending of the world when the Four Horsemen, Death, War, Plague and Famine and they are riding towards innocents through the clouds. The characters which represent the four horsemen are shown as superior beings and the other characters around seem tiny and weak compared to the strong figures that gallop towards doom.

There is no colours in this peice but I believe this works to its advantage.  The bold black shows a very serious tone to the picture, a sort of bold statement that death is coming and there will be no happiness or colour when the four horsemen arrive.  The white contracts with the black lines making the picture stand out very well. With this technique my eyes were able to focus on the epic figures riding towards the innocent sould below, ready to make the kill.  Also it is easy to make out facial expressions, I can cleary see in the peasants faces’ below that they are horrified and fearful of these men arriving from the skies to kill them.

Overall Albrecht Durer is a very good artist, his work varies from print making to paintings but the Apocalypse is one of my favourite as the fear felt in that picture grips me very much.