There was a lot of disscussion on the lynx advert that showed a women in very little clothing at all taking a large turkey out of the oven.  She is very beautiful and bend over in a pose that is of course to attract male attention to this advert.

So many people in the lecture were saying how it is degrading for women but in today’s society this is a very normal advert to me. Harsh as it may seem there are so many adverts like this one on the television that I am almost used to it and in fact don’t care about them.  Girl’s in the lecture were actually telling me how they thought the woman in the advert was very attractive and this came as a shock to me, i can see now that women have the very same right as men do to judge this advert and I believe this is very good progress in society.

Overall Women do like to show off their figures to men in many cases and men can do the same to women. In today’s world it goes both ways, men look at hot women and women look at hot men and I would say that shows a clear balance, though of course their is still sexistism in so many other countries on so many different levels that there is still progress to be made.