In the feminism lecture there was a moment when the suffragette movement was mentioned as a prime example of a feminist movement.  Found in the late 19th century by Emily Pankhurst, the woman’s sufferage was a women’s act which wanted equal rights, the very same rights that men have, and the most important vote, the right to vote.  This movement set the very foundations for women’s rights in this world and their freedom to express themselves through art.

One famous Feminist Artist called Tracey Emin has used her art to convey her emotion’s and personal ideas, making the viewer feel uncomfortable because of her unsettling art.  One peiece of contemporary art she created was ‘My Bed’.  As the title goes to this creation it is simply the artist’s bed, unkept, untidy and very filthy.  Condom wrappers and other bits of rubbish can be found littered around and on the bed.  I always find feminist women’s works of art to go behind the boundaries and are not afriad to express the true nature of human life.  Though from their view, man can be cruel and destructive their is a sense of honesty i find in this work of art anyway as people everywhere have their dirty habbits.

Though some feminist groups can be one sided on their views on men, some do have a lot of interesting things to point out in this world and are not afriad to express themselves so i have to respect them in that sense, some have even experienced harsh sexism in their countries and are fighting for equal rights still and I think it is brilliant that they do so through art.