The history of illustration was very interesting as they would tell stories of battles and gods thousands of years ago, when I heard this in the lecture it got me very interested and it led to looking at more Ancient Egypt and their images and hieroglyphics.  The images found in the pyramids and in other Epyptian ruins are linked to a story in which the artists were trying to show.  Gods were shown as people in white and beautiful robes with heads of animals.  They stood out well and were represented in a very bold and superior stance, making it obvious to the viewer that these characters were god like or very important.  Some of the stories in Ancient Egypt have such depth and detail behind each illustration, including the book of the dead, the story of creationism, being that there was only darkness from Nun in the waters of Chaos and a hill rose up called Ben-Ben and created the first gods. 

Overall these Ancient texts and drawings are a clear example of starting off what we call illustration today and shows that through history, art is something we humans need to embrace new ideas and change our views, maybe even warp old ideas into something else.