The head of animation, Sharon showed at the end of the animation lecture a final animation by Winsor McCay of the ‘Sinking of the Lusitania.’ (A ship that sunk

Watching the video made me think about the power of the message McCay got across through his animation.  Most war propaganda was used through posters, radio and real film, so McCay was the first to get his message to the public through animation.  My reaction to it was a sense of doom, these people had no way to escape and through the animation i could see there was no hope as it slowly sank.  Another thing I think of is that Winsor had to create the sinking through his own views and imagination.  All he had to go on was actual facts about the sinking and had to draw from written sources.  This is what i think makes it an even greater animation as McCay actually made the sinking look so real and brought audiences closer to the catastrophe.  He had to illustrate over 25,000 drawings for the production which shows his dovotion to the project, showing that this animation is also quite personal in his views as some of his friends and colleagues did perish on the Lusitania.

Though this is a propaganda video to spread hate towards the germans, it does outline a major disaster and is a very successful animation, showing the audience the reality of war and human sacrafice.