Alphonse Mucha being mentioned in the Graphic Design lecture got my attention as i studied his work a few years ago at High school.

Born on July 24th 1860, in the Austrian Empire, which is now the Czech Republic, Alphonse Mucha started his art career at an early age, studying at many art institutions and working with design companies, however, his work was not truly noticed until he moved to Paris in 1887 with his advertisments.

One advert I looked over was the ‘Job’ advert. It is a poster which is advertising cigarettes, showing a beautiful and elegant woman with a cigarette in her hand letting the smoke drift around her.  Mucha gives sophistication to the brand and the pose of the woman.  This advert would be very successful in encouraging woman and men to smoke as Mucha gives the message that only beautiful and elegant people smoke. 

Overall Alphonse Mucha was very successful with advertisments and a very successful graphic designer as he has put so much beauty and effort in each poster, making simple items seem much more beautiful. I will contiue to look over his work and be inspired.