Eric Goldberg, American film director and animator was born in 1955 in New Jersey where he was given the opertunity, later in life, to study at the Pratt Art Institute and graduate in illustration. His first major project was the feature length animated film, ‘Raggedy Ann and Andy’; created in the mid 1970’s.  Goldberg was working with the animator, Richard Williams in directing raggedy ann and andy, also workig with other animators such as, Emery Hawkins. Goldberg went on to work with Disney and created some of the most memorable characters in the Disney franchise.

I first expereinced Eric Goldberg’s work at a young age which has made me a huge fan of his work. Goldberg has created brilliant characters and also directed some of the films i have grown up with.  Disney’s, ‘Aladin’ had Goldberg as the lead animator on the character, ‘Genie’, a brilliant character in which gains a huge amount of humour to the film. Eric Goldberg is very successful in making the actions of the character amusing and the way in which the character engages with other people. Goldberg also created ‘Phil’ from the film,’Hercules’; another aid for the humour in the film.  Goldberg has gone on to direct animated films for Disney like Pocahontas; a film I thought was very beautiful in it’s style and message towards the audience.  Eric is able to vary his work very much, from serious work like Pocahontas to very humourous characters like the genie.

Overall I have truly been inpired by the works of Eric Goldberg.  He is able to show so much emotion, so many ideas through the way the characters move and react. I can only hope that I am able to gain just as much skill as Goldberg in the way he can draw his characters.  As a child he brought magic to life for me and I would hope to do the same for generations to come.

This is my first blog so lets hope there are a good few to come 🙂