My thoughts on the BLOG

Overall it has been a very busy simester with animation project work, the interdisiplinery work, 3D animation and also the blogs.  I personally have not enjoyed the blogs as much as I thought I would when they it was first announced to the year that this was our lecture project.  The lectures were very good, informal and very interesting, but the problem with the blogs is there was never enough choice on how it would turn out. I think people should of had a choice on how to get there thoughts on the lecture across to other people.  By choice I mean people could have made a sketchbook or written an essay on the lectures as a whole, not just the blogs, though I understand it is for other people to see also.  A lot of people in my class and in other departments have felt the same.  However the blogs have helped me look into some interesting fields of artwork and animation and so i would give it credit for that, but I believe that there should be more variety in the way you can present your notes to the teachers.

Overall the blog has been useful in that I have had to reasearch further into a certain subject to recover additional information to add to my posts but att he same time I could have done that with a sketchbook also and would have enjoyed that much more.


Albrecht Dürer: Apocalypse

When this piece of art was mentioned in the illustration lecture it caught my attention. The Apocalypse depicts the ending of the world when the Four Horsemen, Death, War, Plague and Famine and they are riding towards innocents through the clouds. The characters which represent the four horsemen are shown as superior beings and the other characters around seem tiny and weak compared to the strong figures that gallop towards doom.

There is no colours in this peice but I believe this works to its advantage.  The bold black shows a very serious tone to the picture, a sort of bold statement that death is coming and there will be no happiness or colour when the four horsemen arrive.  The white contracts with the black lines making the picture stand out very well. With this technique my eyes were able to focus on the epic figures riding towards the innocent sould below, ready to make the kill.  Also it is easy to make out facial expressions, I can cleary see in the peasants faces’ below that they are horrified and fearful of these men arriving from the skies to kill them.

Overall Albrecht Durer is a very good artist, his work varies from print making to paintings but the Apocalypse is one of my favourite as the fear felt in that picture grips me very much.

John Tenniel


John Tenniel was born in London, 28th of February 1820 who became a famous British illustrator.  John is best known for working with England’s ‘Punch’ political magazine as the cartoonist and for the illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Through the Looking Glass’.

John’s illustrations of the novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ were the first drawings of which would help readers see the world in which Lewis Carroll had created, not just read it.  These are basic pencil drawings and sketches but the amount of detail that went into them was truly amazing, detail in the clothes and each character is amazing, coming from this fantasy world. This inspired many other books to include pictures to help further the book’s story and pull the reader in.  Books and illustrations have been aparant hundreds of years before then with the bible and other holy texts from monks and atrists.  This is why illustration is a very important as it has been linked with some of the most important texts in history.

In conclusion John Tenniel’s illustrations have inspired generations and Alice in Wonderland is still remembered to this day.  People base John’s drawings in many animations and illustrations to this very day.

My views on the Lynx Advert

There was a lot of disscussion on the lynx advert that showed a women in very little clothing at all taking a large turkey out of the oven.  She is very beautiful and bend over in a pose that is of course to attract male attention to this advert.

So many people in the lecture were saying how it is degrading for women but in today’s society this is a very normal advert to me. Harsh as it may seem there are so many adverts like this one on the television that I am almost used to it and in fact don’t care about them.  Girl’s in the lecture were actually telling me how they thought the woman in the advert was very attractive and this came as a shock to me, i can see now that women have the very same right as men do to judge this advert and I believe this is very good progress in society.

Overall Women do like to show off their figures to men in many cases and men can do the same to women. In today’s world it goes both ways, men look at hot women and women look at hot men and I would say that shows a clear balance, though of course their is still sexistism in so many other countries on so many different levels that there is still progress to be made.

Feminism – Suffragettes/Tracey Emin



In the feminism lecture there was a moment when the suffragette movement was mentioned as a prime example of a feminist movement.  Found in the late 19th century by Emily Pankhurst, the woman’s sufferage was a women’s act which wanted equal rights, the very same rights that men have, and the most important vote, the right to vote.  This movement set the very foundations for women’s rights in this world and their freedom to express themselves through art.

One famous Feminist Artist called Tracey Emin has used her art to convey her emotion’s and personal ideas, making the viewer feel uncomfortable because of her unsettling art.  One peiece of contemporary art she created was ‘My Bed’.  As the title goes to this creation it is simply the artist’s bed, unkept, untidy and very filthy.  Condom wrappers and other bits of rubbish can be found littered around and on the bed.  I always find feminist women’s works of art to go behind the boundaries and are not afriad to express the true nature of human life.  Though from their view, man can be cruel and destructive their is a sense of honesty i find in this work of art anyway as people everywhere have their dirty habbits.

Though some feminist groups can be one sided on their views on men, some do have a lot of interesting things to point out in this world and are not afriad to express themselves so i have to respect them in that sense, some have even experienced harsh sexism in their countries and are fighting for equal rights still and I think it is brilliant that they do so through art.




Other Important Animation moments


The animation lecture had covered a lot of ground in the history of animation and the lead up to the first feature length animation by Winsor McCay in the early 1900s, however, there were many other animators of that time that helped shape what we think of animation today.

Pat Sullivan was to create the american cartoon, Felix the Cat in 1919, creating his own studio and really starting off major competition between rival animators in the business.In 1923 Walt and Roy Disney found the Warner Brothers studio which sets the very foundations for some of the greatest cartoons to date. Back in the early 20th century, animation was played with someone on the piano in a theatre, but in 1927 the Warner Brothers introduced sound and images with “The Jazz Singer”.  One year from then in 1928, Walt Disney realises the first ever cartoon with synchronised sound called “Steam Boat Willy”.  This is without a doubt one of the most important break throughs in animation, now cartoons had audio that was matched up perfectly and this would be continued on to this very day.

In conclusion animation is all about tricking the eye, manipulating it, thinking there is a moving image from stills.  People like winsor McCay, Pat Sullivan and the Disney brothers were pioneers of their time and without them, i doubt animation would even exhist.

Illustration – ancient times


The history of illustration was very interesting as they would tell stories of battles and gods thousands of years ago, when I heard this in the lecture it got me very interested and it led to looking at more Ancient Egypt and their images and hieroglyphics.  The images found in the pyramids and in other Epyptian ruins are linked to a story in which the artists were trying to show.  Gods were shown as people in white and beautiful robes with heads of animals.  They stood out well and were represented in a very bold and superior stance, making it obvious to the viewer that these characters were god like or very important.  Some of the stories in Ancient Egypt have such depth and detail behind each illustration, including the book of the dead, the story of creationism, being that there was only darkness from Nun in the waters of Chaos and a hill rose up called Ben-Ben and created the first gods. 

Overall these Ancient texts and drawings are a clear example of starting off what we call illustration today and shows that through history, art is something we humans need to embrace new ideas and change our views, maybe even warp old ideas into something else.